July 22, 2017

FAQs for High School

1. Why does my child even need a consultant for undergraduate school application? Why can’t she “do it herself?”

If you’re training for the Olympics or any competitive sport, you can   do it yourself or you can hire a coach.  The application to Ivy League   schools has become so competitive that professional help may   determine success.  An experienced guide maximizes success.  (1)

In 2015, there are a total of 261,157 applications to Ivy League   schools.  Only 8.7% gain entry!  That means your child has better   odds of being diagnosed with cancer in her lifetime than setting   foot in an Ivy League school.   (2)   (3)

We don’t just save you from intensive research and potential misdirection by spoon-feeding information, we assist in packaging and presenting your child’s application to maximize success.

Paying for SAT preparation addresses only a small portion of the application,   leaving a bulk of the process unassisted! Mentorship is especially invaluable for:  

  1. students with weak SAT or GPA scores
  2. weak writers
  3. those lacking trustworthy, knowledgeable friends/family  to counsel on interview techniques
  4.  those who know little of the admissions process
  5. international students
  6. those with weaknesses in extra-curricular activities
  7. those applying to competitive programs
  8. repeat applicants.

2. Besides, her high school guidance counselor is supposed to hold her hands through the entire college admissions process.

Why you don’t want to rely solely on the guidance counselor!Why you don’t want to rely solely on the guidance counselor!  

  1. The recommended guidance counselor to high school student ratio is 1:364!  (1)
  2. Take a look at counselor duties.  You will realize   “college admissions hand-holding” isn’t one of them! (2)
  3. We provide everything that the advisor cannot.  (3) 
  4. We provide an unique perspective because we are active professionals with active, actual practical working experience in various settings and varied industries.  Dr. Kuo, for instance, was a full time student at a world-renown law school.
  5. Our mentorship is more than a cookbook recipe because it comprehensively encompasses the before and after of the admissions process.

3. I already spend enough money for her SAT prep. Why should I spend anymore on undergraduate admissions consulting?

This question illustrates the very reason  why you need a consultant!  SAT is only a small portion of the entire   application.  With 91.3% chance of failure in a fierce competition against  261,150+ other Ivy League applications, padding only a portion of the   application isn’t enough.  

The process of applying to undergraduate   schools alone will cost more than $6,000.  For a few thousand dollars more,   you might as well maximize your child’s chances of entry into an   elite school by the use of a consultant.    (1) 

With annual undergraduate school tuition   reaching $47,697 at Ivy League Schools, an investment of a few   thousand dollars is a drop in the bucket.  Compare this small   investment to the earning potential of an Ivy League graduate.   (2) 

Our past and current pre-medical students attest to the effectiveness of our mentorship in gaining entry into medical schools, a process even more competitive than undergraduate admissions. The national average for medical school matriculation rate is 2.63%! If we can help these students gain entry, then we can certainly help your high school student with her undergraduate admissions.

4. How do I know you’re effective? Maybe if I didn’t use you, I would still get into the schools?

The national average for medical school matriculation rate is 2.63%.  Our pool of premedical students has consistently surpassed the norm in astounding measures.  In the last year alone, 90% of our students gained admittance into a school in their top three choices!  Over the years, we have collected hundreds of students who have been taking advantage of our mentorship.  You can read some of their testimonials on FB  (1)   

If we can help these students beat the odds of 2.63% matriculation, then we can certainly help your child with the more promising odds (8.7%) of Ivy League undergraduate admissions.