July 21, 2017

College Mentorship


Basic Mentorship Program; Comprehensive Mentorship Program

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  • Review of MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, or other standardized exam score report
  • Thorough evaluation of the college transcript and extracurricular activities, research, internships, professional engagements, community service, volunteer roles, leadership roles, club participation, publications, awards, trophies, certificates, and other outstanding achievements
  • Collection and review of educational and personal histories, school records, and education testing results
  • Analysis of student’s interests, strengths, skills, academic and extracurricular goals
  • Discuss and clarify priorities for school selection (factors to consider: school’s specialty, financial, geography, elite, legacy, etc.)
  • Extensive search of schools and programs and list of potential schools, targeted towards the goal, needs, desires, and abilities
  • Advice on securing letters of recommendation – the who, when, and how
  • Identification of schools which the student has a reasonable chance for admission and serve as good “fits” for the student’s identified priorities
  • Development of “to do” list for educational testing, campus visits, application completion, and submission
  • Campus visit advice and preparation
  • Review of appropriate timelines and school planning checklists

Application itself:

  • Brainstorm for suitable and appropriate topics
  • Refine approach to the topic
  • Editorial input where the student’s real voice is expressed
  • Students can review and critique sample essays
  • Basic essay(s) for Common Application +/- supplemental essays to agreed list of selected schools
  • Walk-through of Common Application from initial setup through online submission of core application
  • Coordinating faculty letters of recommendation, college advisor’s evaluations, transcript release forms, and
    official standardized exam score reports with submission of the application so that each document arrives at its intended destination on time
  • Reviewing Common Application prior to Submission
  • Live mock interview(s) with written analysis of weaknesses and strengthening skills (one traditional style +/- non-traditional style, e.g. MMI for premedical students)
  • Admissions interview coaching and preparation

After admission:

  • Support with final enrollment decision