July 21, 2017

High School Mentorship


Basic Module; Comprehensive Module; Reaching for the Stars Module

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  • Review of 11th grade PSAT (+/- diagnostic ACT or SAT)
  • Review of Myers-Briggs to determine appropriate career strategy
  • Thorough evaluation of the high school transcript and extracurricular activities, awards, trophies, certificates, and other outstanding achievements
  • Collection and review of educational and personal histories, school records, and education testing results
  • Analysis of student’s interests, strengths, skills, academic and extracurricular goals
  • Discuss and clarify family priorities for college selection (factors to consider: school’s specialty, financial, geography, elite, legacy, sports, etc.)
  • Extensive search of schools and programs and list of potential schools, targeted towards the goal, needs, desires, and abilities
  • Advice on securing letters of recommendation – the who, when, and how
  • Identification of colleges which the student has a reasonable chance for admission and serve as good “fits” for the student’s identified priorities (may include Ivy League and other elite schools, depending on which package)
  • Development of “to do” list for educational testing, college visits, application completion, and submission
  • College visit advice and preparation
  • Review of appropriate timelines and college planning checklists

Application itself:

  • Brainstorm for suitable and appropriate topics
  • Refine approach to the topic
  • Editorial input where the student’s real voice is expressed
  • Students can review and critique sample essays
  • Basic essay(s) for Common Application +/- supplemental essays
  • Walk-through of Common Application from initial setup through online submission of core application
  • Coordinating faculty letters of recommendation, high school counselor evaluations, transcript release forms, and official SAT/ACT score reports with submission of the application so that each document arrives at its intended destination on timee
  • Reviewing Common Application prior to Submission
  • Live mock interview(s) with written analysis of weaknesses and strengthening skills
  • Admissions interview coaching and preparation

After admission:

  • Support with final enrollment decision