July 21, 2017


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Eric Ma

(Bachelor’s from Stonybrook, PA graduate from Pace)

Tasnima Mohaimin

(Bachelor’s from NYU, MD from Downstate Medical School)

Irene Yau

(Bachelor’s from NYU, DO from NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine)

Anthony Nicolaysen

(Bachelor’s from NYU, MD from Oregon Health & Science University)

Frances Gill

(Bachelor’s from NYU, MD from Tulane University Medical School)

Natasha McMillan, MD

(BS from Sophie Davis Biomedical Education, MD from Downstate Medical School,
Internal medicine resident at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Hospital)

Justin Zhu

(Bachelor’s from NYU, Post-Bac from Cornell University)

Casey Callahan

(Bachelor’s from NYU, MD from Sidney Kimmel Medical College)

Julie Jun

(Bachelor’s from NYU)

Kevin Dell’Aquila

(Bachelor’s from NYU, Master of Science from Boston University)

It is rare to find someone as a pre-med who actually cares about you personally, and takes the time to learn about you both as a pre-medical student but also as a person. But it’s even more exceptional to find someone like Dr. Kuo to be that person for you, because of the extent to which she cares and takes the time to tell you in no uncertain terms how much she believes in you, and what you need to do to live up to her and your expectations. It’s an understatement to say meeting and working with Dr. Kuo is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, because I’m sure very very few people ever get the chance to work with someone who is this inspiring and caring at any point in their career. I’m certain I’ll never forget the support she has given me, and I’m fortunate to know that when times get tough as a doctor I can think about her and know no obstacle is too great to overcome because of life skills she has equipped me with, especially by the example she has set by being such an amazing person and friend. I really can’t thank her enough for showing me what being a great doctor and person really means!

Aqib Muneer

(Bachelor’s from CCNY)

Absolutely Amazing! I came to know of Dr. Kuo's services through an email from Biomedical
Engineering Society at my college. Like every other pre-med, I always wondered about my
chances to get in to medical school. I decided to contact Dr. Kuo and explained to her my
situation. She explained the process of medical school application in detail and what I truly
appreciated was that she was very open, honest and direct about everything. In all our
conversations, I have always felt like I was talking to a friend. Soon after, I began making nursing
home rounds with her. 
Dr. Kuo had a big impact on my personal statement. The difference between my first draft and
the final was so significant that when I asked couple of current Med school student to compare
them, they were absolutely stunned at the difference and loved the final draft. It took 7 drafts to
achieve that and every time I finished writing, Dr. Kuo was a text message away and every time
reviewed it for style and content. She did not give up until it was perfect. 
Working with Dr. Kuo, whether it is rounds or on my application, was always fun. She is an
amazing doctor with a great sense of humor. Not only she will go out of her way to help you in
the application and rounds but will make sure that you are presenting the best version of yourself.
Therefore, I enthusiastically and strongly recommend Dr. Kuo to every pre-health student, as
working with her is a one-of- a-kind experience.

Elaine Li

(Bachelor’s from City College of New York, MD from Georgetown Medical School)

Dr. Kuo is the most amazing mentor a pre-med student could have. Not only is she a great instructor in all things medicine-related, she also becomes your friend, caring about you personally. I strongly believe that she was one of the main factors I’m going to medical school this fall. I can’t thank her enough!!!

Nivedytha Indranathan

(Bachelor’s from NYU, MD from Temple Medical School)

I have been working with Dr. Kuo for about three years, and the advice and experience I gained from her, both during and outside of rounds, have been invaluable to me. During rounds, I learned how to work within a multiprofessional health care team, while getting an insider’s look into the dynamics of health care within an underserved community. And outside of rounds, Dr. Kuo was always proactively helping me with my communication skills, by giving me opportunities to communicate with patients and staff, and directing me to relevant TED Talks and books. Today, I am able to conduct myself professionally within a health care setting because of Dr. Kuo. She really helps her students on an individual basis, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Shirley Zeng

(Bachelor’s from City College of New York, PA from Touro PA Program)

Dr. Kuo was a great mentor. With her guidance I was able to excel and get into PA school. She offers great personal advice too!

Bu Jung Kim

(Bachelor’s from NYU, MD from FIU College of Medicine in Miami)

I have known her since freshman year in college. Working as a transcriptionist and shadowing her during her wound rounds, I not only gained great knowledge in medicine but also learned what it takes to have a career in medical field. Dr. Kuo provided so much experience that helped me build characters unique and crucial to work in the field. And because she has a diverse experience in the field, she can give you the best advice as a doctor and mentor. I am so grateful that I got to know Dr. Kuo. Accepted to a medical school in 2015, I can surely tell you she can guide and help you to be a competitive applicant.

Shoshana Leftin

(Bachelor’s from NYU, MD from Albert Einstein Medical School)

Dr. Kuo is not only an excellent teacher and mentor, but an inspirational physician who has achieved so much and cares deeply about her students. You cannot have a better pre-medical experience!

William Kartsonis

(Bachelor’s from NYU, Graduate Studies in Biology from NYU)

I could not have asked for a better mentor and Doctor. I found Dr. Kuo through the NYU Listserv years ago and started doing weekly round with her in Harlem. I saw some of the most gruesome wounds (pressure ulcers, bullet wounds, cancerous lesions), learned a lot about wound care, and just what it meant to be a Doctor and care for your patients. Dr. Kuo would quiz us as we did rounds and joke around with us. It didn’t feel like work at all. I kinda miss those days, but luckily Dr. Kuo and I still keep in touch. We even have lunch every now and then. Terrific lady. Highly recommend working with her.